Interlock Systems

For Problem Floors or Heavy Duty Applications

Gallant’s PVC tile floors are perfect for garages, production areas, workshops, warehouses,  fitness rooms and more. 

The interlock system offered by Gallant Garage is a tough and flexible interlocking floor tile that has been extensively proven in demanding operational conditions.  In addition, these systems are perfect in less than ideal surfaces conditions such as moisture problems, ugly and pockmarked concrete, oil saturated areas or heavy equipment zones.

Because it is a floating floor tile system, the floors look perfect even if your concrete slab is discolored or cracked.  In most cases the floors are warranted for 10 full years.

Choose one of many different solid colors or spice it up a little with a checkerboard design.  Either way, go with a new Gallant Garage Interlock system and you will add beauty and exceptional strength to your surface.

Available Interlock System Colors:

Grey / Black / Beige / Brown / Yellow / Blue / Red / Green / White / Orange






Custom designs and checkered floors also available at custom pricing.
Additional sealer coats recommended for some colors.

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