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Welcome to Gallant Garage Flooring and Storage.  Since our inception in 1999 we have taken great pride in providing only the top of the line products, installed by the best in the business. 

We are committed to installing only the highest grade flooring systems designed to protect and beautify your garage floors, workshops, warehouses, patios, man-caves, gamerooms and other areas. 

With the addition of our Garage Cabinets and Storage division, we can now do even more in making your total vision come true.

Bret & Christina Locke

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Quality is measured in many different ways.  Gallant Garage doesn’t want to be good at just one or two of them.  We truly want to be the best in all of them.  Quality products and service along with knowledge of the industry, prompt and on-time scheduling and top of the line warranties to backup our work are the main reasons that once you find us, you won’t want to go anywhere else for your garage flooring and storage needs.


Our company’s owner has been in the building industry since 1990 and knows what it takes to provide a great product and exceptional service.  Since 1999, when Gallant Garage was created, we have been the leading Garage Flooring specialist in the Greater Houston area by taking care of our customers and our builder partners as if they were family.


When scheduling with Gallant Garage you can be assured that your job will be on-time and completed in the timeframe promised.  Tired of unreliable contractors that don’t show up when they say they will?  Not at Gallant Garage.  When we promise you we will be somewhere at a certain time you can take it to the bank.  It will happen.


Some of the standard flooring systems used at Gallant Garage are exclusive to us.  You will not find a “Home improvement store” flooring product anywhere at our companyIn fact,  avoid garage paints and do it yourself kits.  There is a very good chance that these products will fail causing a much greater expense of having to get them removed and the floor recoated. 

Even other “Flooring Companies” don’t meet our standards.  In fact, our install times may take a day or 2 more, in some cases, but that is because we are providing a much more extensive system.  Our standard 5-coat multi-color epoxy/poly floor system, for example, is just that, 5 coats.  Most companies are installing a shortcut 2 or 3 coat system which lacks the durability of an additional epoxy coat AND is harder to clean due to fewer polyurethane top coats.  Now throw in an industry leading 10-year warranty and it’s easy to see why we truly are the best at what we do.

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